• Custom eBook Covers & Full Wraps, as you can appreciate, take longer than the above stated turn-around times & will be discussed on a case-by-case basis in an Initial Consultation where the author’s vision for their cover/s is shared.

• Once the Initial Consultation is complete, you will be advised as to whether your vision is achievable. What sort of turn-around time you can expect, and how much the project will approximately cost.

• If after the Initial Consultation is complete and once you’ve been advised of all of the above, if you no longer wish to pursue my services, you are free to terminate communication.

• I am always happy to chat & assist my clients, so please feel free to message me, or email me to discuss any ideas or concerns you may have.

• I reserve the right to refuse service or turn down projects if my schedule does not allow for it. Thank you for your understanding!