• All Premade Covers are listed in $USD & Full Payment must be received via Paypal, before any cover customisation or work can begin.

• All Premade Covers  are initially eBook only, however, you can upgrade to a Full Wrap (which includes Spine & Back Cover) for a further price which will be determined upon negotiation, based on time & difficulty involved.

• All Premade Covers are priced individually, according to level of difficulty & time spent creating each unique design. Prices are final and non-negotiable, unless a discount or sale is announced.

•  Title, Author Name & any Series Name/Tag Lines are altered to yours, by default.

• Small graphics or font changes may be requested & accommodated on a case-by-case basis. If possible, depending on the extent of the edits desired, you will be charged an additional Editing Fee! However, please note, all Premade covers are FCFS (First Come, First Serve); So preference will be given to those wishing to pay immediately & accept the cover ‘as is’.

• For promotional purposes, I can render a Kindle & Paperback 3D mock-up of your finalised Premade cover for a small additional fee of $5.

• Clients can expect to receive their finalised Premade eBook Cover within 24hrs & completed Full Wraps within 72hrs (provided all necessary details are provided in a timely manner!).

• I reserve the right to refuse service or alterations. Thank you for your understanding!